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Alamo Saddlery


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 Saddle Tree: A26-WADE-#58
Tree Cover: B13- RAWHIDE AA
Gullet Width: C2-Semi-Quarter 6.5" Gullet/ 13" Bar spread
Seat Size:
Horn: 58FG (Wade) 
Cantle Size: 4" X 1.5"
Horn Cover: Regular leather 
Leather: Golden
Fleece: 100% wool
Rigging Style:  In-skirt - Front flat dropped/ Rear 3"
Stirrup leathers: 3" Full Stirrup leather (stirrup leather come set)
Cantle Binder:  STD Cheyenne Roll
Seat type:  Hard
Seat Stitching:  NONE (leather hard seat) 
Degree of tooling:  Border tooling only
Border Tooling:  Double Cut- Serpentine
Extra Border tooling:  1/2 Jockey/fender Double cut/ Serpentine 
Flank billet & off billet: leather (2" roper billet) Quick change
Flank Cinch: 7" 2 pockets
ON SIDE tie straps (1.75" X 60") Latigo 8/10 - tie (60")
Off side Tie straps (1/2 breed) Latigo 8/10 - 1/2 breed
Stirrup Options:  Wood 3" Bell #714
Stirrup Cover: Leather treads only (tooled to match)
Accessories: Breastcollar Dees/ Horn wrap latigo(TIGHT & THIN)/ SADDLE STRINGS/ bucking rolls/ 2" ring on side-cantle point

ALL of Alamo Saddlery tack is hand made every single step of the way. We take pride in using the finest Leather, and we guarantee you will love it. Once you try Alamo Tack, you'll never go back and when you ride you #RIDE2WIN! 


HF TREE: 1/2 Fully Padded Foam Seat, B6, GCT3QGS, F.G., 3 QTR. Reinforces, Glass Seat
RIGGING: Full Double
LEATHER: 1/2 Rough out Golden
SEAT: Chocolate Suede
CANTLE: 3-1/2" Cheyenne
SWELL: 13"
HORN: #18-Roper
SKIRT: Angle Cut; Fleece Lined
GULLET: 6-3/4"
BAR SPREAD: 13-1/4" With a 45-Degree Angle
FINISH: Antique
TOOLING: Wyoming and Basket
BARREL FENDERS: 8" x 16" Half Stirrup Leather 3" x 60"
WARRANT: 8 Year Depreciating


PLEASE NOTES THAT: changes to this saddle can be made! If you need a special tree, special sized fenders or would like to change cosmetic details or you want this saddle design on a DIFFERENT STYLE OF TREE please at CHECKOUT: WRITE IN THE NOTES WHAT SPECIFICS YOU NEED (additional charges may apply, depending on what you are needing, we will connect with you before and let you know) OR CALL: 1-800-687-7624 EMAIL: contact@alamosaddlery.comOr we are very active on our Facebook and Instagram page, feel free to ask us at any time and we will get back to you asap. Thank you so much for you interest in Alamo Saddlery, we cannot wait to connect with you.

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