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Alamo Saddlery

Cowboy Briefcase golden leather basket and daisy tooling

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Cowboy Briefcase golden leather basket and waffle tooling.

ALL of Alamo Saddlery tack is hand made every single step of the way. We take pride in using the finest Leather, and we guarantee you will love it. Once you try Alamo Tack, you'll never go back and when you ride you #RIDE2WIN! 


13-3/4" x 13-1/2" (including handles)


The perfect place for all your horse papers/documents! Great for travel! Hand-made and hand-tooled! Comes with a heavy-duty zipper! (The zipper will be hard to open at first, but will soften up over time, and is for the longevity of your product; it gets better with time). It comes with RETRACTABLE HANDLES, and front and back pockets. Inside, it has a sleeve for a notebook, which is NOT included, and comes with two large sleeves on either side, allowing for a 1” 3-ringed binder to be inserted, which is also NOT included. Additional pockets contained, including a zippered pocket for storing papers and receipts, as well as an ID or business card(s) window. You can also fit your iPad or laptop. It weighs just under 5 pounds, making it easy to travel with.

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